Training session on “How to go international ?”

3 Workshop with :


  • Analysis of the European value chain
  • Conclusion of the international missions
  • Flight regulation in Europe and third countries
  • Strategic assessment of drones technology
  • International market niches

Result of West Africa mission

Drapeau du Nigeria — Wikipédia  Fichier:Flag of Senegal.svg — Wikipédia


Workshop (link for the presentation)

  • Results of the PRESTIGIOUS project on the European drone value chain
  • How to develop in Nigeria and Senegal with Business France
  • Senegal Flying Labs – Mr TIAMIYOU RADJI$
  • ANACIM – National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology
  • Association des Professionnels et Amateurs de Drone (APAD) – Malick Diagne – President

Pitch session

Result of Chile mission

Chile - Wikipedia



  • Results of the PRESTIGIOUS project on the European drone value chain – Melanie DURTH – AAERO (link for the presentation)
  • How to develop in Chile – Nicola YBARRA – Extenda (link for the presentation)
  • APANT – Asociacion chilena de pilotos de drones – José MERINO – Presidente de APANT Chile (link for the presentation)
  • ACHHEL – Asociacion chilena de helicopteros – Loreto MORAGA – Presidenta de ACHHEL
  • Ecodrones – Sebastian ORELLANA – Generente General de ECODRONES

Pitch session

 Result of Canada mission

Drapeau du Canada — Wikipédia





Pitch session

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