Organization of 3 missions to non-European countries

to identify potentail end users outside Europe

Missions :

  • North America (Canada – Montreal, Quebec – 09/2022)
  • West Africa (Nigeria, Senegal in remote – 06 to 09/2022)
  • South America (Chile – Santiago de Chile – 10/2022)

 Results of these missions available here

Potential of specific markets :

Although each market is different in size and maturity (both technological and regulatory), the information gathered during the respective fact finding missions allows us to draw the following matrix :


    Long range inspection is a common need, with ponderation in the respective areas of development and interest. All markets eagerly wait for loosened regulations on BVLOS flights.

    The security aspect was less covered in Canada, as it is already historically implemented in several aerial and defense related solutions, contributing to the demonstration of the maturity of the market.

    Regarding the “Drone detection” category, it may be noted that need expressed in Senegal was about the straightforward counter-UAV solutions regarding invading drones, while Canada’s approach was expressed in the frame of R&D regarding integrated airspace management.


    “Cold operations” need is obviously a “hot” topic in Canada. It may however be extended to Chile in the technological context of optimized and augmented power management, as some actors in Chile mentioned some interest in improved performance in windy conditions.

    The lower maturity level of the drone markets in Senegal and Nigeria are more favorable to off-the-shelf solutions, although it is still recommended to find a local partner for business development and operations.

    High level recommendations :




      Canada :

      • Seek R&D partners in any high-tech area
      • BVLOS, U-Space and ‘cold condition flight’ development
      • For existing solutions : use test ranges to benchmark EU vs existing local solutions (incl BVLOS)


      Chile :

      • Favor operations outside of the populated areas, where regulation is less strict
      • Agro-forestery monitoring (growth, counting and intrusion detection) is in demand
      • The needs is the mining industry is wide : site monitoring (safety and production volume), equipment maintenance (fixed and moving), exploration for new resources.

      Senegal and Nigeria :

      • As the markets and access to business and drone-operation authorizations are still sometimes unguaranteed, explore these markets if strong local contact exists and business case (including regulatory) is demonstrated.
      • Economically robust EU organizations may find an opportunity to saw the seeds and help the local institutions define a favorable UAV roadmap. Advice and support from your countrry’s/regions’s local economic/business agency is highly recommended.


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