Building a roadmap to establish a European strategy for the drone sector.

The objectives are :

    • To build a common European strategy to increase the internationalisation of SMEs in the UAV market ;
    • To identify opportunities and the main actors in the non-EU-markets (Canada, Chile, Nigeria, Senegal) ;
    • To draft of a joint internationalisation strategy on drone and prepare an implementation roadmap ;
    • To prepare and negotiate a Partnership Agreement in order to ensure the sustainability of the partnership after the end of the project.

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Situation : UAVs are an emerging market. It is led mainly by SMEs which are not structured well enough and lack the appropriate support to fully benefit from international opportunities.

Issues :

Increase the “international” maturity of European drone actors to facilitate their international development

Objectives : 

  1. Increasing the maturity of drone companies to go international
    1. Action training and support tools : English strategy communication support
  2. Communication and visibility of European drone actors
    1. Mapping of skills
    2. Dedicated websites and promotion on social networks
    3. Workshop and BtoB meeting
  3. Organisation of targeted sectoral missions
    1. Partnership with key stakeholders in the target countries and sectors
    2. Presentation of the international market sector and associated market and technology monitoring
    3. Targeting and making of international meetings
    4. Presence at trade and non drone fairs
To ensure the success of this roadmap, two major actions have been identified :
  • Formalize contact points and coordinate these actors (i.e cluster) at the European level
  • Find European funding to guarantee the implementation of this roadmap

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