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Prestigious Drones

Strenghten the sustainability and competitiveness of “drones” SMEs in Europe


PRESTIGIOUS is an European project co-funded by the Cosme programme of the European Union to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of “drones” SMEs in Europe.

It works on two markets (inspection and security) for four non-european countries (Canada, Chile, Senegal, Nigeria) with three partners (NAE, Andalucia Aerospace, Skywin).

4 main actions 

Value Chain

Identify the strengths of European SMEs


Identify potential end users outside Europe




Organization of information transfer workshops



Roadmap to establish a European strategy for drones

why join prestigious ?


  • To be identified as an actor of the drone in the inspection and safety at the European level, you must fill in these two surveys
  • Fill in this first survey allowing us to know you better. CLICK HERE
  • Fill in this second survey allowing us to evaluate your international maturity and to collect information to integrate you in our communication tools. CLICK HERE

Country workshop – training

  • Benefit from a preview of the market potential in Canada, Chile, Senegal, Nigeria
  • Get an overview of the market potential in Canada, Chile, Senegal and Nigeria.
  • Open to all SMEs active in the field of drones



  • Specify your needs and contribute to the priorities of PRESTIGIOUS’ international strategy for European drone players in the inspection and security markets

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