Latest Past Events

MOU for an international strategy for European drones actors – PRESTIGIOUS – Le Bourget

A new milestone for PRESTIGIOUS with the signing of this MOU, which validates the partners' commitment to strengthening drone activities in Europe. Many thanks to all our partners for this new adventure: ANDALUCÍA AEROSPACE Cluster Empresarial (Mélanie Durth, PhD, JUAN ROMAN GALLEGO) Skywin (Anthony Biévelez) NAE (Normandie AeroEspace) (Philippe Eudeline, Cutullic Samuel) Hub Drones Systematic and Systematic Paris-Region (Karine JACQ, Natacha LALANNE) Business France (Laurent […]

Training session for Canada- 23/03/23

Dear Drone actors, PRESTIGIOUS kindly invite you to our 3rd training webinar on Thursday 23/02/2023 that will focus on European Drones value chain and Internationalization assistance for SMEs. During the formation session the companies will learn about the UAVs European value chain strength and weaknesses, key aspects for collaborating with CANADA ecosystem, and find partners. […]

Training session for Chile- 02/03/23

Estimados actores de drones, PRESTIGIOUS les invita a la 2ª Webinar/Formación el jueves 2 de marzo que se centrará en la cadena de valor europea de los drones y la internacionalización de las pymes hacia Chile. Durante esta sesión de formación , podrá descubrir la cadena de valor de los actores europeos de drones, así […]