SCALIAN Division Unmanned Systems

Jean Frédéric REAL


Type of structure : SME (<250 people)
Turnover : between 500 k€ and 1 millions €
ConsultingData analysisOEM manufacturerSoftware editorTesting center
Inspection : Forestry | Infrastructure
Industrial site inspection : Oil & Gas, Energy

Civil security :

Natural disasters :
Human - society risks : First responders/health crisis / health emergency
Infrastructure risks : Critical infrastructure and utilities | Industrial site protection


Scalian scales up your drone business ! We provide our on-the-shelf COTS for autonomous drones and continuity of services with a fleet of drones. this software is used for logistics, and quality inspection


SCALIAN is a leading company in digital transformation in the aerospace, defense, railway, energy, public sectors. Scalian has 6 excellence centers. One of them is called UNMANNED, it helps customers throughout the value chain of drones. From consulting, to service. We have also developed a framework called EZ CHAINS, thas makes any drones autonomous and able to fly in a swarm (collaborative).