Type of structure : SME (<250 people)
Turnover : < 500 k€
OEM manufacturer
Inspection :
Industrial site inspection :

Civil security :

Natural disasters :
Human - society risks :
Infrastructure risks :


The rotor drive system of the S110 uses a thermodynamic Joule cycle that makes use of a compressor, a heat source from the engine and a set of counter-rotating expansion turbines that drive the rotor blades of the UAV. This thermodynamic rotor drive technology is patented and replaces the mechanical drive of the helicopter rotor.
It brings the following advantages to the customer which is the UAV operator:
Increased reliability means decreased operating cost and higher fleet availability.
The simplicity of our innovative power plant system will result in low acquisition cost and high reliability of the UAV.
Less mechanical vibrations increase the performance of airborne equipment, sensors and cameras.


Engineering: Aerodynamic and structural design of centrifugal compressors and of contrarotating radial turbines. Design of innovative coaxial helicopter rotors and control system.
Prototyping and test of such. We develop the S110 drone for surveillance of extended areas, naval or terrestrial.