Ventura Associates develops and promotes the application of aerial drones in a wide range of security, safety, and maritime activities. Services include training, engineering assistance, expertise, testing, certification and navalization. They are an extension of...

Unmanned Systems Bulgaria

Unmanned Systems Bulgaria has positioned itself as one of the competence providers in terms of UAS/U-space. We are active participants in the working groups in Bulgaira and abroad. We provide consultancy and training to various stakeholders.

UAV Navigation

UAV Navigation is a private company with 100% Spanish capital. It has specialized in the design of guidance, navigation and control solutions (GNC) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) since 2004.


Studec is an engineering and consulting company specialized in aeronautical industry, providing technological solutions for Manufacturers and Operators, bringing closer Desing, Manufacturing and Operations support. Remarkable are Studec Training and Maintenance...

SCALIAN Division Unmanned Systems

SCALIAN is a leading company in digital transformation in the aerospace, defense, railway, energy, public sectors. Scalian has 6 excellence centers. One of them is called UNMANNED, it helps customers throughout the value chain of drones. From consulting, to service....