Martijn MENNEN

The Netherlands

Type of structure : Cluster
Turnover : < 500 k€
ConsultingR&D / InnovationTesting centerTraining
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Civil security :

Natural disasters :
Human - society risks :
Infrastructure risks :


Space53 has extensive experience in national and European projects aimed at developing drone applications for use in the public domain, and in cooperation with local government, first responders, businesses and knowledge institutions. We benefit from the available infrastructure at Technology Base (including Twente Airport) with ample airspace, test facilities & ground area, offices, and if needed, a long runway. We were one of the first test centres in The Netherlands, and are part of an active region as regards to the use of drones.


Space53 drives and supports governments, first responders, knowledge institutions and businesses with the development and deployment of unmanned systems in the safety & security domain. This includes creating the fundamental conditions, and project support and technology development for the required infrastructure, countermeasures, software and sensors.