Aerocamaras Drone Specialists

Pereira Gil JAIME


Type of structure : SME (<250 people)
Turnover : between 500 k€ and 1 millions €
Certification companyData analysisR&D / Innovation
Inspection : Agriculture | Construction | Forestry | Infrastructure
Industrial site inspection : Oil & Gas, Energy

Civil security :

Natural disasters :
Human - society risks : First responders/health crisis / health emergency | Public events
Infrastructure risks : Critical infrastructure and utilities


Aerocamaras manages complete projects including the entire value chain in the drone sector. It is a pioneer in development, training, equipment supply, aeronautical management and professional services with UAVS with a background of 15 years, it has grown in parallel to the evolution of the industry. In addition, the company is a pioneer in obtaining permits to operate in non-standard scenarios, which multiplies the value in the provision of its services by providing a customised service and completely ‘ah-hoc’ to the needs of its customers.


Aerocamaras is the leader drone company in Spain, Europe and Latin America. Pioneer in development, training, sales and professional services with unmanned aircraft. A reference company for the application of drones in the following sectors: Emergencies, Security, Topography, Agriculture, Logistics and Audiovisual. In 2021 the company achieved a volume of business of 5.9 million euros, doubling the previous year’s results.