Unmanned Systems Bulgaria

Unmanned Systems Bulgaria has positioned itself as one of the competence providers in terms of UAS/U-space. We are active participants in the working groups in Bulgaira and abroad. We provide consultancy and training to various stakeholders.

UAV Navigation

UAV Navigation is a private company with 100% Spanish capital. It has specialized in the design of guidance, navigation and control solutions (GNC) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) since 2004.


Sylphaero is designing world’s first 100% electric, plasma-based jet engines. These engines still rely on thermodynamics while being fully electric, allowing to reach greater speeds. Sylphaero also has an expertise in designing solar UAVs capable of achieving...

PRDML Reflet du Monde

Our company propose to accompany its customers in the use of drones thanks to 4 activities/business units: R&D, training center, sales, drone missions


NITROFIREX introduces a totally new concept: Unmanned Glider Containers containing a large amount of extinguishing agent that are launched from helicopters (one by one like a bucket-bamby) or in sequence, from the rear ramp of transport aircraft. These are...