AgentFly Technologies

Přemysl VOLF

Czech Republic

Type of structure : SME (<250 people)
Turnover : between 500 k€ and 1 millions €
ConsultingSoftware editor
Inspection : Construction | Infrastructure
Industrial site inspection : Oil & Gas, Mining Quarrying, Energy

Civil security :

Natural disasters :
Human - society risks : Customs and border control | Law enforcement | Public events
Infrastructure risks : bacteriological | chemical) industrial | Critical infrastructure and utilities | Industrial site protection | NBC (Nuclear


AgentFly Technologies uses artificial intelligence and robotics to develop state-of-the-art technologies. We integrate drone platforms using commercial or open-source autopilots and customized payloads (precise navigation, sensor rigs) based on customer needs. The drone is controlled by an in-house software system customized for the specific application.


AgentFly Technologies offers technology for drone operation automation to extend the service portfolio of drone operating companies. We provide a security solution for continuous surveillance, including a fully autonomous drone and robotic ground station providing automated battery exchange. We develop customized hardware and software for industrial applications, including inspections (e.g., bridges, electric poles, wind turbines) and 3D modeling.